1993 Ford Explorer Transmission Used

Ford Explorer Picture Looking for a used 1993 Explorer transmission that will get the job done? We have the largest supply of used transmissions in the entire industry. With hundreds of salvage yards over the country, selling an excess of over 4 millions used parts, it's never hard to find the exact 93 Ford Explorer manual or automatic transmission you're looking for. Our parts come in at the lowest prices in the entire industry and offer the best possible quality.

Explorer Used Transmission We have over 400 salvage yards across the country, all working to find you the best possible 1993 Ford Explorer used transmission for your auto repair. We carry thousands of automatic transmissions for nearly every type of vehicle you drive. When you shop your part with us, you're guaranteed to receive a 1993 Explorer used transmission that won't let you down. Not only have we slashed our prices, but we've upped our quality.

Used 1993 Ford Explorer Transmission Catalog Includes...

Transmission DetailsStock#Price
1993 Ford Explorer Transmission
Manual Transmission; 4x2 88K, 4.0, MANUAL, FLR, 4X2 (Tampa Or Ocala, Florida)
1993 Ford Explorer Transmission
Automatic Transmission; 4x4 120K, 4.0, AUTO, COL, 4X4; 4x4 (Birmingham, Alabama)
1993 Ford Explorer Transmission
Automatic Transmission; 4x4 82K, 4.0, AUTO, COL, 4X4 4.0L, R/D, CHKCON (Washington DC, District of Columbia)
1993 Ford Explorer Transmission
Automatic Transmission; 4x4 45K, RG (Phoenix, Arizona)
1993 Ford Explorer Transmission
Automatic Transmission; 4x4 93K, 4.0, AUTO, COL, 4X4; 4x4 (Eugene, Oregon)
1993 Ford Explorer Transmission
Automatic Transmission; 4x4 77K, 4.0, AUTO, COL, 4X4; 4x4 (Portland, Oregon)
1993 Ford Explorer Transmission
Manual Transmission; 4x4 72K, 4.0, MANUAL, FLR, 4X4; 4x4, 6-245 (4.0L) (Omaha, Nebraska)
1993 Ford Explorer Transmission
Manual Transmission; 4x2 96K, 4.0, MANUAL, FLR, 4X2; 4X2, 6-245 (4.0L) (Atlanta, Georgia)
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1993 Ford Explorer Automatic Transmission Remanufactured (Rebuilt)

Explorer  Rebuilt Transmission Make sure when purchasing the 1993 Explorer Explorer transmission it meets the necessities of a good remanufactured gear. Most important, verify the particular 1993 Explorer Explorer transmission block was built with new internal soft parts such as clutches, bands, lip seals, sealing rings and gaskets. Be careful not to purchase a rebuilt 1993 Explorer Explorer engines that as rebuild with reclaimed gear parts out of the old 1993 Explorer Explorer unit. All our 1993 Explorer Explorer automatic transmissions meet the original Ford requirements and backed by 36,000 mile warranty.

The main benefit of buying our rebuilt 1993 Explorer Explorer transmission is the discounted price we offer. It's important to point out that you are getting an inexpensive 93 Explorer Explorer transmission unit. Our Ford 1993 Explorer Explorer transmissions are high-performance; reliable gears that have been inspected, tested and refurbished to perform like new 1993 Explorer Explorer 5 or 6-speed gears or better. These 1993 Explorer Explorer gear boxes come with thirty-six thousands mile warranty! We are better than our competitors by price, quality and service. Call our sales staff now!

Featured Rebuilt 1993 Ford Explorer Remanufactured Transmissions...

Transmission DetailsStock#Price
1993 Ford Explorer 4 Speed Automatic Transmission, RWDA4LDcall
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Buying a 1993 Ford Explorer Transmission from a Wrecking Yard

Transmission with mileage Saving money on the best 1993 Ford Explorer replacement transmissions in the industry isn't hard if you're shopping with us, but finding the right tranny for you might be. We have thousands upon thousands of 1993 Ford Explorer transmissions, so if you're after something specific, just fill out a few details about what you want with our Transmission Locator service, and we'll get back to you with a detailed quote.

With over 400 salvage yards across the country, it's very hard to keep our catalogs updated at all times with the parts we have, and this is especially true if you're looking for a specific 1993 Ford Explorer transmission. Luckily, our Transmission Locator service allows you to narrow the search field and find the exact 1993 Ford Explorer transmission you're after. By clicking on a few pertinent details about what you want, we'll send this information out to our yards. You'll then receive a detailed quote to help you make a decision.

Sample of 1993 Ford Explorer Transmission Queries Submitted to Various Salvage Yards...

Ford Explorer Transmission Query / Wrecking Yard DetailsPrice
transmission for 1993 Ford Explorer SUV V-6 4.0 Gas/Injection 5-Speed-Std
B-J Used Auto Parts , Downey, California
ABC Automotive , Fayetteville, Arkansas
Best Price
transmission for 1993 Ford Explorer SUV V-8 4.0 Gas/Injection Automatic-OD
Yards:Mustang Collections , Miami, Florida
A-1 Foreign Auto Parts , Denmark, Wisconsin 54208
Stoystown Auto Wrecking , Stoystown, Pennsylvania
Best Price
Transmission for 1993 Ford Explorer Sport Utility V-6 Gas Automatic-OD
Yards:Strandburg`s Auto , Centuria, Wisconsin
Natale`s Auto Incorporated , Johnston, Rhode Island
Eastside Auto Recyclers , St. Paul Park, Minnesota
Best Price
Transmission for 1993 Ford Explorer 2-Door V-6 4.0 Gas Automatic-OD
Yards:King Auto & Truck Parts , Seattle, Washington
Hubcap Heaven II , Alexandria, Virginia
Arnold Car Truck & Equip. Salvage, Inc. , Silvis, Illinois 61282
Best Price
Transmission for 1993 Ford Explorer 4-Door Gas Automatic
Yards:Stadium Auto Wreckers , South Amboy, New Jersey
Rinker`s Auto Salvage , Laramie, Wyoming 82072
Brandywine Two - Yard #15 , Brandywine, Maryland
Best Price
Transmission for 1993 Ford Explorer 4-Door Gas Automatic
Yards:LKQ All Models, Inc. , Phoenix, Arizona 85040
Silverado Truck & Auto Parts , Houston, Texas 77038
J & D Auto Salvage , Manheim, Pennsylvania
Best Price
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