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1965 Mustang Automatic Transmission

1965 Mustang Automatic Transmission

The 1965-66 Ford Mustang had an automatic transmission. It was the first car to use this technology, and the newer model offered many features not found on earlier Fords. The C4 Dual-Range three-speed automatic transmission was standard on all 1965-66 Mustang models. The gear selector has two basic driving positions: small dot for first gear, large dot for second gear. Both positions are functional, though the small dot is used for winter road starts.

The 1967 - 1973 Mustang had a TKO-600 transmission. This was much more reliable than the older TKO-500. It is also more efficient, and fits well into the larger tunnels. This transmission has a standard 4-speed gearbox. However, the 1966 and '67 models have different shifter patterns. If you want an automatic transmission, you'll have to change the gearbox. There are many Mustangs that come with manual gearboxes.

The 1965 Mustang had three different engine options. There was the 170 Six, the 260 V8, and the 289 High Performance V8. These cars all came with an optional dual exhaust system. The '67 and '66 had a different shifter pattern than the earlier models. The '65-'66 car's shifter bezel was different, but the rest of the car was the same. Therefore, the shifter pattern and design are similar.

Despite the Mustang's new design, it still features the same Ford 2.77 Toploader three-speed automatic transmission. This was the same as the Ford T10 in both six-cylinder and V8 applications. On the other hand, the T10 was a new transmission, designed to be more compact and fit better into the tunnel of a V8-equipped car. A semi-floating hypoid rear axle was standard on a 6-cylinder car, but was removed for the V8-equipped cars.

The 1965 Mustang's T-series transmissions are more compact than the T-5 and TKO600. The TKO500 is the largest model, and it requires more space in the transmission tunnel. It is compatible with all three-speed and inline-6 models. There are some modifications required to install a T-500 in the Mustang, including the right shifter opening. The TKO600 is the most popular in the market today.

The TKO600 was the next step up from the TKO600. Its output shaft had a 61-spline, while the TKO600 used a 26-spline output shaft. The TKO600 was installed in all of the Mustangs, with the TKO600 available for any car. It was installed on the same day as the TKO600. It had a different shifter bezel from the previous model, but it was still a good option.

The newest model of the Mustang was the infamous Boss 351 HO. The 351 HO had the highest powerplant in the lineup, with a four-barretor Autolite intakes and a special high-lift camshaft. The new engine was the largest one offered in the Mustang. It was the last year of the '60s and '70s' models of the original Boss.

1965 Mustang Automatic Transmission