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1976 Corvette Automatic Transmission

1976 Corvette Automatic Transmission

A reproduction 1968-1976 Corvette automatic transmission shifter control cable fits all models of the iconic Chevrolet car. This part connects the shifter to the transmission, and has the GM part number for look-up purposes only. The Zip Products Inc. copyrighted reproduction is made to be a perfect fit for your classic car. It also includes the original GM shifter. Listed below are some of the top features of this remanufactured automatic transmission shifter cable.

The 1976 Corvette was a major upgrade from its predecessors. It featured new interior styling, including a sport steering wheel that was originally sourced from the subcompact Vega GT. This addition added a sporty look to the interior and improved the car's handling. It also offered better fuel economy and improved fuel economy. The rear end was also redesigned, giving the car more power and a smoother drive.

The L48 engine was upgraded to an L82 engine in 1976, increasing horsepower by 15 horses and the 210 bhp of the L82. It wasn't available in California until 1977, because the new engine failed to meet emissions standards. The four-speed manual transmission was also banned in the west during that year. However, the other mechanical revisions made in the Corvette included an AM/FM stereo with a fixed-height rear antenna, dual horns, a map lamp in the rear-view mirror, and a reversible wiper motor.

The L82 engine is a bit more powerful than the L48, but was still not offered in the California market. The new L82 engine was too expensive and did not meet the stricter emission standards set by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The L82 was the only Corvette model to be available with a four-speed manual transmission in the west. Other mechanical revisions made the 1976 Corvette a better car to drive.

The L48 engine was redesigned to add 15 horses to the car's performance. In 1976, the L48 was replaced by the L82 engine, which added 210bhp. The L82 engine was not offered in California until 1977 because of stricter emissions laws in the state. Besides its four-speed manual transmission, the L82 was the only Corvette model to offer a four-speed automatic transmission.

The L48 engine had increased 15 horses to 180bhp. Its successor, the L82, added 210bhp. The L82 engine was not offered in the west in 1976 and 1977 due to the tougher emissions standards. The L82 engine was not available in California until 1978. The L82 engine was only sold in the west after the 1976 model. A four-speed manual transmission was available. The L88 engine was not available in the west.

1976 Corvette Automatic Transmission