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1992 GMC Sierra 1500 Automatic Transmission

1992 GMC Sierra 1500 Automatic Transmission

The 1992 GMC Sierra 1500 is an excellent choice for those who want a truck with good fuel economy and excellent off-road manners. Its six-speed automatic transmission features an overall ratio of 6.04:1 and two overdrive gears to deliver excellent fuel economy and performance. The manual transmission is available with manual or automatic shift modes, and it also features a "tap-up/tap-down" capability for up- and downshifts.

The automatic transmission in the 1992 GMC Sierra is the 4L65E, which replaced the 4L60E. The new transmission paired with a 6.0 Vortec engine featured five pinion front planetaries, seven clutches in the input housing, and an induction-hardened input shaft assembly. The 4L65E was the same as the one in previous GMC models, but with more advanced technology.

A cracked clutch housing could be a cause of the problem. To determine the exact cause of the transmission problem, you will need to use a digital multimeter. You should then check the DTC to see if it's P0717 or P0894. A P0717 DTC indicates an error with the input shaft speed sensor (ISS). Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to replace the ISS sensor.

You can also try rebuilding the transmission. A local shop will remove your old transmission and install new parts during the rebuild. Whether the transmission is being rebuilt or not is up to the owner's discretion. The mechanics who work on this type of vehicle are likely to have better skills than those who do it for a living. A warranty is available for the rebuilding process. You will have to pay for the shipping.

A rebuilt transmission is a great option for your 1992 GMC Sierra 1500. This type of transmission is a lot cheaper than a new one, but you should make sure the mechanic is a certified technician if you plan to have it rebuilt. If the repair was done correctly, the GMC Sierra 1500 will last for another few years, but you should not expect it to go any farther than that.

You may also need to replace the transmission if you are not happy with the performance of your vehicle. A rebuilt transmission is a better option than a new one. You can have it rebuilt by a local auto shop, but keep in mind that the skills of these mechanics may vary. The rebuilding of the transmission can cost thousands of dollars, but it will last for a few more years.

The Sierra Denali is based on the popular Z71 Off Road package. It has a 6.2L V-8 engine with 403 horsepower. This engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission with a wide 6.04:1 overall ratio. This model has two overdrive gears and a "tap-up/tap-down" feature. The SLE offers a leather-appointed interior and is available in 2WD or AWD configurations.

1992 GMC Sierra 1500 Automatic Transmission