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1993 Ford Mustang Transmission 4 Speed Automatic

1993 Ford Mustang Transmission 4 Speed Automatic

The fourth generation of the Ford Mustang was introduced for the 1993 model year. It replaced the old model's T5, which was made from 1981 to 1984. Although it was far inferior to the current model, it was available in many other models. Fortunately, the T5 was not discontinued, and it is still in production. This article will discuss the differences between the T5 and the other transmissions available. Also, we'll discuss how these transmissions compare to each other.

The 5.0L engine remained the only option for the 5.0L, but with the addition of a four-speed automatic overdrive, it became the only engine option for the new model year. The 5.3L engine still used a 4-V carburetor and was equipped with the Borg Warner T-5, which was upgraded to Heavy Duty status in 1985 and given World Class status. The SVT was the first Mustang to feature the four-speed automatic overdrive.

The four-speed automatic overdrive was first installed in the 1984 model year. The 5.0L engine had the same gearing as the 2.3L engine. The 5.0L transmission was the only one available with this engine configuration, and it was the only one available. The 2.3l version had weaker syncros than the 5.0, but it had a higher torque rating than the 2.3L. The 5.0 transmissions also came with upgraded transmission oil coolers and a high-performance shifter. The T-5 was only available in the 1989-93 model year, and was a notchback model.

The new transmission came in the same year that the T-roof configuration was introduced. The 5.2l engine, which had been available since 1982, was the only one that offered the four-speed automatic overdrive. Those with the older model had to rely on a Borg Warner five-speed manual overdrive to increase horsepower. The new 5.0 version sported a larger capacity and increased the horsepower to 105 (+15 hp). But these were relatively minor changes, which led to a decrease in overall sales.

The Mustang had a four-speed automatic overdrive as standard. However, the four-speed overdrive became an optional transmission for the remainder of the model year. The car's power output was boosted from the previous model year by about five percent. In 1983, the 5.0L had a slightly lower torque than the LX. In 1987, the 5.7L had a 4.6L engine that was designed for maximum torque.

Unlike the GLX, the LX notchback did not feature a console. The LX was the last model to offer a console. This was discontinued mid-year. The LX did have the T-top option, but did not use it until the following year. This is an excellent choice for a notchback. It is a convertible so you don't have to worry about the roof falling off.

1993 Ford Mustang Transmission 4 Speed Automatic