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1998 Mustang Gt Automatic Transmission

1998 Mustang Gt Automatic Transmission

If your 1998 Mustang GT has a manual transmission and you'd like to switch to an automatic, it is easy to do. In fact, it's a fairly simple process. You will need a new shift cable, transmission, converter, and dipstick. If you're going to install an automatic, you'll also need a new drive shaft and reprogrammed keys. The following article will explain how to swap your vehicle from a manual to an automated one.

The Mustang GT and Cobra models used an electronic pickup "hall-effect" sensor that sent a signal to the speedometer. The transmission mount on these vehicles was rear-located, which was a major change. A new synchronizer assembly improved the engagement of the gears and increased metallurgy. In 1998, the Ford Mustang GT received a new look and improved performance. The car was awarded the Car of the Year honors in Motor Trend.

The new colors on the 1998 Mustang were Bright Atlantic Blue, Dark Satin Green, and Crystal White. The Cobra was available only with a manual transmission. The SN95 generation featured very few changes. The interior of the GT and Cobra remained nearly identical to the 1997 model, with the exception of a clock that was integrated into the stereo. The engine options remained the same. The V6 Mustang and Cobra used the old pushrod-style design, while the GT and Cobra used an overhead-cam engine. Despite the change in gear metallury, the car is still a great drive.

A wet clutch system controls the gear ratios and torque output of the 1998 Mustang GT. The clutch plates on the top and bottom of the transmission total 155 square inches. The computer-controlled mechatronics system also adjusts timing and gear engagement, making the Mustang GT a near-perfect driving experience. Its automatic transmission system has improved the shift quality, and it was the first to introduce an OHC engine in the car.

The Ford Mustang GT is an 8-cylinder, front-mounted coupe with a 4.8-liter, rear-wheel-drive engine. The base model's 3.8-litre engine produced 145 hp at 4000 rpm and 393 lb-ft of torque at 2500 rpm. The EEC-V PCM was replaced in 1996 and a revised synchronizer assembly made it more responsive.

The T5 Transmission is the oldest style of transmission found in late-model Mustangs. This transmission features a cast aluminum case with heavy ribs and fully-synchronized 5 forward and reverse gears. Its output shaft is 28-spline, but it is the least desirable of the V8 T5 manual transmissions. Its gear metallurgy is based on old technology, which makes it harder to replace the manual gears.

1998 Mustang Gt Automatic Transmission