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1999 Jeep Cherokee Automatic Transmission

1999 Jeep Cherokee Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission on the 1999 Jeep Cherokee is one of the more popular options for the crossover SUV. This model is a nine-speed auto that is ideal for those who want a high-performance vehicle. However, there are times when it needs a repair. To fix this issue, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic for an automatic transmission repair. You can also shop for replacement parts for your 1999 Jeep Cherokee at AutoZone.

If the automatic transmission is not functioning, the problem may be with the engine itself. Check for leaking or charred transmission fluid, as this may indicate a faulty transmission. It may also emit a smoky smell. If you suspect that your vehicle has a faulty automatic transaxle, head to an auto repair center. They offer a free battery charge and engine diagnostic testing.

If you want to change the transmission yourself, you should get the one that can handle the engine horsepower. There are other models available in the market that have manual transmissions, but the TH400 is the best choice. It comes with four speeds and a reversing automatic gearbox. In case of a malfunctioning automatic transmission, you should contact your dealer. It will replace the old transmission and will help you to make a smooth switch.

If you're looking for a new Jeep, you can buy a used or a new one. Just make sure that you find a car with a new engine and transmission. These cars are available in different trim levels and can be leased from a dealership. You can also opt to purchase a brand new one from a dealer. The only disadvantage of used vehicles is that they tend to be older models.

Despite the fact that the 1999 Jeep Cherokee has an automatic transmission, it can still be difficult to tell if it's working properly. There are several signs that can indicate a transmission problem. You should also keep an eye out for a charred or leaking transmission fluid. If you are unsure, you can visit AutoZone for a free diagnostic test and trusted advice on the repairs.

A bad automatic transmission can cause your vehicle to stall. If the car is stalled, you should make an appointment to have it fixed as soon as possible. A mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem and provide you with reliable advice on a repair. There are many benefits to visiting an AutoZone, including free battery charging and engine diagnostics. You can also get a free estimate on the cost of a new transmission.

The 1997 and 1998 model years of the Jeep Cherokee were largely successful in the Chinese market. The XJ Cherokee was popular for government and police use and was the first to have wider wheel bolt patterns. The standard five-inch bolt circle on the Jeep Cherokee was adopted for other models. In contrast, the T-18 was only available on CJs from 1971 to 1975. The T-15 was the only automatic transmission on CJs in China.

1999 Jeep Cherokee Automatic Transmission