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2000 BMW 323I Transmission 5 Speed Automatic

2000 BMW 323I Transmission 5 Speed Automatic

If you're looking for a used car to replace the transmission in your 2000 BMW 323i, you've come to the right place. You'll be able to find a great deal when you use the search bar on our website. All you have to do is enter your vehicle's year and ZIP code and you'll receive results ranging from local mechanics to nationwide dealerships. This page will display the locations of Transmission shops in your area.

There are three possible 5 speed transmissions on the E46 platform, with the first being the ZF A5S325Z and the last one being the GM A5S360R. To get a replacement for your car, check the odometer to see which type you have. The GM A5S360R and ZF A5S325Z models are the same, but there are differences. When you're shopping for a replacement, you should carefully consider the type of transmission you have in your vehicle, as well as the location of your vehicle.

The most common model for this model is the 2.5L inline six engine, which produces around 170 horsepower. The car's odometer showed 21 miles through January of 2019, indicating it's been driven only a few times. The car's odometer shows the previous owner had owned it for three years. It has two owners and a clean Illinois title. Listed as a "Like-New" car, it's in good condition and comes with all the documents and documentation needed for the registration process.

The engine in this BMW 323i is a 2.5L inline-six that produced about 170 horsepower when it was new. It is a naturally-aspirated and recirculating engine, which produced around 181 lb-ft of torque. The car's owner has had three owners and is registered in Illinois and Pennsylvania. The odometer shows only twenty-one miles through January 2019.

The car has a naturally-aspirated engine and produces 185 horsepower. It has a manual transmission and a 5-speed manual. If you want to change the transmission, you can buy a used or a brand new unit from a local dealer. Regardless of the make, model, or year, you'll be able to find a great used car and save money.

While you're looking for a used car, there are several advantages to doing your research to save money. By searching online for used cars, you'll find that there are a number of options available. A local dealer will have the best prices, and can even offer special deals. You can also save money by buying a used vehicle from a local shop. This car is worth your time and effort, so it's a must-see if it has everything you need.

2000 BMW 323I Transmission 5 Speed Automatic