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2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 Automatic Transmission

2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 Automatic Transmission

The first-generation Ford Ranger was manufactured at the Louisville Assembly plant in Kentucky. From 1996 until 2010, it was also produced at the Twin Cities Assembly Plant in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Today, the truck is manufactured at the Wayne Stamping & Assemblies plant in Wayne, Michigan. From 1998 to 2011, the Ranger was produced in Argentina at the General Pacheco plant. The final year for the model with the FlareSide bed was 2012.

The Ranger's 4.0-liter V-6 engine was the same one that Ford used in the Explorer. This resulted in an overhead-cam engine that was the same as the previous 4.0-liter V-6. The newer, more powerful engine will be able to produce 205 horsepower, which is a notable improvement. Mazda sells its version of the Ranger as the B-Series.

After its mid-cycle redesign in 1994, the Ford Ranger was the first compact pickup to offer dual airbags. It carried over much of the chassis design from its predecessor. The suspension features leaf-sprung rear suspension and Twin I-Beam independent front suspension. The SuperCab was also longer at 125.2 inches. There are no automatic transmission versions of the Ranger. The manual-transmission Ranger retained the key release button on the steering column.

The Ford Ranger was discontinued in 2008, but it was given a late-cycle facelift in 1999. The hood was redesigned to provide better aerodynamics and legibility. The sideview mirrors were replaced with rectangular designs. The rear design included larger taillamps and the Ford Blue Oval was placed in the tailgate. The fender badging was restyled with a more prominent design.

In its third-generation, the Ford Ranger underwent relatively conservative changes to its appearance. The cab was redesigned to be more sporty and was now available with a 3.5-liter V6. The Ford Ranger 3.0 was the first vehicle with a 3.0 L-V6 engine, but it was the first pickup to adopt it. Although the name is familiar, the car is primarily based on its model.

The Ford Ranger is the best-selling small truck in the country. It is fun to drive and is built well. It offers an impressive compact-pickup experience and can be driven in extreme terrain with ease. The Dodge Dakota, on the other hand, has a higher V8 engine, but it still lacks the ability to tow larger objects. However, it remains one of the most popular pick-ups in the country.

The Ford Ranger was manufactured until 2001 and was powered by a 2.5 L Lima four-cylinder engine. The engine had a longer stroke than its predecessor and added eight crank counterbalance weights. The 4.0 L Cologne V6 was carried over from the previous model year and was used until the end of the model year in North America. The 2.3 L DOHC was also available in the first generation of the Ford Ranger.

2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 Automatic Transmission