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2001 Honda Prelude Automatic Transmission For Sale

2001 Honda Prelude Automatic Transmission For Sale

The used 2001 Honda Prelude automatic transmission for sale is in excellent condition. The engine is a 2.2L OBD2 H22A, and is in very good mechanical condition. The transmission was shipped directly from Japan to J-Spec auto, one of the oldest and most reputable used auto parts dealers in the country. This particular unit is in the best possible physical condition and will fit most models without any problems.

The fifth-generation Honda Prelude features the Active Torque Transfer System and electronically controlled torque vectoring. The gearing is similar to that of other fifth-generation models. The Type S model features an ABS system and an electronic anti-lock braking system. It has a five-speed automatic transmission and a 4.266:1 final drive ratio. There is also a manual shift mode for the car, which makes it even more convenient for drivers.

In Europe, the Honda Prelude was sold with a 2.0i engine. It had a combined output of 131 horsepower and was marketed as a "sporty" car. The "Si-VTEC" name was dropped in 1993 and was replaced with the term "VTEC" for the rest of the generation. The 2.2-liter VTEC engine was labeled as "VTi-R" in some countries. The 1996 version included a 2.3-liter Non-VTEC engine.

The Type S version of the fifth-generation Honda Prelude was a sporty car. It had a lightweight weight of 1,025 kg (2,260 lb). The 2.2-liter H22A engine was the base model and supplanted the carbureted 2.0Si model with the B21A1 engine. The Si was available in optional trim models with four-wheel disc brakes and an optional ABS system.

When it comes to buying a used Honda Prelude, it is important to make sure it has an automatic transmission. You will be able to find a 2001 Honda Prelude with an automatic transmission for sale. It is an excellent choice for people who love to travel and have a budget. If you are looking for a used Honda Prelude for sale, it's worth checking out the many features and options available for this car.

The fifth-generation Honda Prelude was introduced in 1978 and was widely popular in Japan. The model was derived from the Honda Accord and was first released in the Japanese market shortly thereafter. It was a small car with a high performance-based engine. It was the first model that had an automatic transmission and was a sporty car. However, the fourth-generation Prelude was a crossover and a hybrid.

When looking for a used Honda Prelude, look for a car with a manual transmission. It will likely be cheaper to buy a used one than a new one, and a manual transmission is a good option if you are a beginner. The automatic transmission will save you money and keep you from having to spend extra money on repairs and upgrades. There are many prelude automatic transmissions for sale that are available.

2001 Honda Prelude Automatic Transmission For Sale