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2002 Saturn S Series Transmission 4 Speed Automatic

2002 Saturn S Series Transmission 4 Speed Automatic

My 2001 Saturn SRX150 developed a problem with the transmission. I wasn't aware of the malfunction until I started driving and noticed the car's gears were not engaging properly. The service department checked my car's transmission and found no codes. The car had a mechanical problem with the shifter cable. The repair shop diagnosed the issue as a faulty valve. The valve was replaced and the transmission was back in great shape.

While the car had a good reputation, it wasn't perfect. The car's manual was often outdated, making it difficult to find information about the problem. Many owners of Saturns have found that the transmission slacked power and had problems shifting. The manual says to replace the clutch and valve body, but that may be difficult. The mechanic will need to perform diagnostic work on the transmission to determine the problem.

The SRX has a reputation for problems with its transmission. The Sl2 jerked into gears while driving at 30 mph. The dealership fixed the problem by replacing the transmission fluid, but the problem came back ten days later. A mechanic determined that the lining had separated, allowing debris to enter the valves and gears. As of November 27, 2007, the car has yet to be repaired.

A clunk or hesitation in a Saturn's transmission can be dangerous. The computer diagnostic system may not detect the malfunction because it is not sensitive enough to recognize a malfunctioning valve body or gears. The company's policy against paying for diagnostic work at the dealership discourages further investigation of potentially dangerous conditions. So, you should contact your car dealer to see if there are any problems.

It's possible that the transmission in a Saturn Sl2 is unsafe. If you hear a clunk, or the car hesitates when you're driving 50 mph, your vehicle may be suffering from a transmission problem. A bad clutch could lead to a clunk or hesitation. While this may not seem like a big deal, it's an indication that your vehicle needs repair.

A defect in a Saturn Sl2 transmission can lead to sluggish acceleration and a problem with shifting gears. Fortunately, it is relatively inexpensive to repair a transmission problem in a Saturn SRX, but a faulty transmission could cost you thousands of dollars. There are several problems with the Sl2's automatic transmission. It can have a clutch that is too stiff, causing the transmission to slip and not shift into neutral.

Despite the SL2's 4-speed automatic transmission, the engine can't shift into reverse. When I tried to shift gears in the first and second gears, my Saturn shifted into fourth gear without warning. I had to manually switch the vehicle to the first and second gears to get back in control of the car. After my car was diagnosed, the automaker replaced the valve body assembly.

2002 Saturn S Series Transmission 4 Speed Automatic