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2004 BMW 530I Automatic Transmission

2004 BMW 530I Automatic Transmission

The new 2004 BMW 530i automatic transmission is the result of a hybrid body structure that uses lightweight steel for the main structure and high-strength aluminum for the rest. The BMW claims this is the first production car with a steel/aluminum body. The 530i is a luxury sedan that has received many accolades for its performance. The 430i is a more practical vehicle, as it has a smaller engine and lower weight than its predecessor. Despite its small size and weight, the 2004 BMW 530i is a well-made and powerful luxury car.

The 2004 BMW 530i manual transmission features a six-speed sequential gearbox with a traditional clutch pedal. The shift throws are half an inch shorter than the previous five-speed. It's a joy to drive. The 5.3-liter V8 is stronger at any speed. The 540i's four-cylinder engine is similar to the 2005 model, but it generates more power.

The 530i is a fast and comfortable luxury sedan. It rides comfortably and flat on curves, and it's firm but not too firm on straight roads. The 530i's steering ratio is variable, so it requires less input when making a U-turn and more for highway speed. The engine is quiet, and the 520i doesn't jerk the driver's hands when accelerating.

The 530i is the first BMW model to offer an automatic transmission. This option is also available on some models. A six-speed automatic transmission is available for the 530i and 545i. The manual transmission is a joy to drive, while the auto gearbox uses a robotized clutch pedal. Both manual and automatic gearboxes maintain the same ratios as the old five-speed. The 530i has a sport package that features active steering technology. The 530i's active steering helps it be more nimble in town and highway driving.

The 530i is the largest of all BMW models. The 530i's manual transmission is the only one available in Europe. The 540i's manual transmission is the most expensive option. It comes with an optional six-speed automatic. The 530i's price is $54,990. The 6-speed manual version is priced at $58,295. The sports package adds a 4.4-liter V8 engine.

The 530i's automatic transmission is the best option for a luxury car. Its manual counterpart is the worst, with its heavy weight and slow speed. Its manual-transmission version has better gas mileage but is more difficult to start. If you want to save money, a manual transmission is better. The only downside is that it requires premium fuel. The 540i is an expensive option in comparison to the 525i.

The BMW 530i is bigger than its predecessor. Its wheelbase has grown to 113.7 inches, which is about two inches longer than the 2003 model. The car is more spacious inside, with more legroom for rear seat passengers. Its run-flat tires help improve trunk space, too. In addition to the automatic transmission, the four-wheel drive option is the most expensive. The manual brakes are the only option that moves the wheels.

2004 BMW 530I Automatic Transmission