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2009 BMW 328I Transmission 6 Speed Automatic

2009 BMW 328I Transmission 6 Speed Automatic

The 2009 BMW 328i is an excellent choice for drivers looking for a high-performance sedan. The vehicle comes with a 3.0-liter inline-six gas engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. This combination offers impressive acceleration and handling in every situation. Despite its high price, the vehicle is surprisingly economical. And with only 30,000 miles on the odometer, it's still in good condition.

The BMW 328i is the most affordable BMW model in the line. It has an attractive interior and is available with manual and six-speed automatic transmissions. The rear-wheel-drive 328i Sedan and Sports Wagon have impressive comfort touches and a smooth ride. The 335i is available with a twin-turbocharged engine. The 320i and 335i are also available with automatic gearboxes.

The 328i is also available in a convertible body style. It has a one-button folding hardtop. The 328i features a standard turbocharged engine that generates 335 horsepower. The BMW 328i is rear-wheel-drive while the 328xi has an all-wheel drive option. In addition, the 320i is offered with dual power moonroofs. All models feature run-flat tires, dual front airbags, and BMW's Active head restraints.

The BMW 3 Series features an updated version of BMW iDrive, a mouse-like interface that enables drivers to adjust virtually everything in the car. The three-series sedans also feature several cosmetic changes and small refinements. The 335d diesel sedan is the latest addition to the lineup, and it comes with an advanced, clean diesel engine. It retains the sporting character of the 3 Series.

The BMW 3 Series is a mid-size sedan with a comfortable interior. The rear bench seat is supportive, and the seats are firm, while the front and rear seats are supportive. The leatherette interior is elegant and combines with aluminum and wood trim. Legible white-on-black instruments emphasize the driver-centric character of the 3 Series. The triple-turbocharged engine makes it a great choice for families.

While the BMW 3 Series is a fantastic choice for drivers looking for a luxury car, it's worth considering the 328i's manual transmission and six-speed automatic transmission. Compared to other luxury cars, the 328i is a more affordable option, and the six-speed manual transmission is standard on both the xDrive and iDrive models. These cars have great handling, which makes them ideal for any type of driving. The base engine in the 328i is a 3.0-liter straight-six, while the base engine in the 335i is a twin-turbocharged six.

The BMW 3 Series is known for its unique mix of quality, performance, and character. The X5 model has a more aggressive stance and is a more sporty model than the standard 328i. Its manual-transmission provides a more spirited drive than the standard 6-speed automatic. The x5 and x6 manual transmissions are more efficient than their manual counterparts, and the transmissions in the 328i and i8 are even more durable than their automatic counterparts.

2009 BMW 328I Transmission 6 Speed Automatic