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2012 Ford Fiesta Automatic Transmission

2012 Ford Fiesta Automatic Transmission

The 2012 Ford Fiesta is one of many vehicles with a faulty automatic transmission. In fact, there are currently 20 recalls on the car, and more than half of them are related to the vehicle's transmission. Most of the owners have complained of shifting problems, jerking and lunging forward, loss of power, and metallic noises while downshifting. There are no plans to recall the vehicle, and the manufacturer is not required to do so.

The most common issue with the transmission is a leak. The fluid may not be changing at all and may also be contaminated with contaminants. Another common problem is a gear that catches and delayed in shifting. You may even notice a warning light when you are driving the 2012 Ford Fiesta. While these problems can be minor, they should be addressed as soon as possible. You can find these issues by reading the manual that came with your vehicle.

While Ford is facing lawsuits from U.S. owners, the company has admitted that it took shortcuts to get the cars to market quickly. These shortened production times led to compromising quality protocols. However, the automaker said it would stop selling the cars that have the faulty automatic transmissions, and that the company would replace the Fiesta with a new model. Fortunately, the problem is only minor and can be solved without a lot of hassle.

Some people are even taking legal action. The automaker's CEO has argued that the problems with the DPS6 are not dangerous. But, the internal documents show that the DPS6 system was faulty from day one, and that a replacement transmission is unlikely. Nonetheless, Ford has admitted that it should have fixed the problems with the PowerShift. While the company apologized for the inconvenience caused by the defect, it has promised to fix the problem according to customer service procedures.

The problem with the DPS6 automatic transmission is not a new one for Ford Fiesta owners. While the automaker says that it had no prior knowledge of the problems with the DPS6 transmission, many Ford Fiesta owners are hoping for the best. If you are in the market for a new Ford Fiesta, you can find a dependable one with a faulty auto parts store.

The automatic transmission in the Ford Fiesta has a dual-clutch design that provides fast and smooth shifting. It's also worth noting that the Ford Fiesta's 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine has 120 horsepower. As a result, the automatic transmission isn't a bad option. Its 166-horror ratio is also better than the previous model, which means that you can expect better fuel economy.

2012 Ford Fiesta Automatic Transmission