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2012 Mini Cooper Automatic Transmission

2012 Mini Cooper Automatic Transmission

While the Mini Cooper is available with a six-speed manual transmission, a 6-speed automatic is also available. While the automatic is much smoother than the manual, it's still a compromise. The base model offers adequate power around town, though it takes time to accelerate to passing speeds on the highway. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine gets a good amount of praise from critics, but the six-speed manual is preferred for its natural clutch feel. While the six-speed automatic is smooth and quick to downshift, it shifts a bit too harshly at times.

There are two Mini Cooper automatic transmission options. Both of these have CVTs, but the second generation model is more likely to have a standard transmission. The 2nd-gen model has a different type of transmission. While the CVT is the most reliable transmission for a Mini Cooper, the Aisin version may also develop problems. For example, the car may suffer from harsh shifting. This may be the result of a faulty valve body, which can be replaced. If the problem persists, a full rebuild may be necessary.

If your Mini Cooper is suffering from an automatic transmission issue, the best way to replace it is to visit a dealer. This is not a problem for the Cooper S, but it is important to have the car checked by a MINI mechanic. You can get the car fixed at a local MINI dealership if you notice the leak. While there are no problems with the S model, there are other issues with the MINI Cooper S.

The Aisin 6-speed automatic in the Cooper S is a factory-remanufactured part. It is shipped dry. If the Core is rebuildable, the Core Charge is refundable. If it is not, the Core Charge may be forfeited. The customer is responsible for packaging the vehicle for return shipping and for any repackaging fees. A Factory-remanufactured transmission has a two-year, unlimited mile warranty.

Mini Cooper transmissions are also prone to malfunctions. A recent recall was issued for the Aisin 6-speed automatic in the Cooper S. The problem was caused when a dealer reprogrammed a computer to allow the driver to exit the vehicle while it is not in the park position. Despite this error, the driver may be unable to exit the car unless the car is in the park position. The shift cable can also become detached, which causes the transmission to remain in the previous gear.

Despite its reliability, a Mini Cooper automatic transmission can have problems at certain times. High mileage can affect the function of the transmission. Driving the vehicle carefully, and avoiding bumpy roads, can help minimize damage to the transmission. It is also important to take your Mini Cooper to a mechanic for regular maintenance. A qualified technician can spot problems early on, and can even repair the car before it becomes worthless. There are many ways to repair a car's automatic transmission.

The Aisin 6-speed automatic is a factory remanufactured transmission. These are often shipped dry, and you must pay a small Core Charge for the service. You can get your Mini's new transmission from the manufacturer or through a third party. A factory-rebuilt transmission usually has the same warranty as a new one. The remanufactured unit will not need to be rebuilt, but it can still be remanufactured.

2012 Mini Cooper Automatic Transmission