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2013 Ford Focus Transmission 6 Speed Automatic Replacement

2013 Ford Focus Transmission 6 Speed Automatic Replacement

The transmission in the 2013 Ford Focus is having problems. While the car is still under warranty, many owners have been complaining about the lack of acceleration when shifting gears. The problem is causing near-misses and accidents. The problem is so severe that the Ford dealerships have been inundated with complaints about the car. They are offering a free transmission repair for affected customers. This fix can fix your vehicle for a few hundred dollars.

While the problem has been known for several years, Ford has only recently recalled over half a million of the cars for recall. The company notified customers in 2014 through an online presentation. The report states that the transmission issue is a progressive condition that is related to the age of the car. Despite this, there are several examples of new vehicles with the same transmission problems. Fortunately, Ford is now working with customers to fix the problem, so you won't have to deal with an irate customer.

Another common cause of Ford Focus transmission issues is a malfunctioning solenoid. Solenoids are plunger-like devices that allow the car's computer to change gears and route the transmission fluid. A small electrical charge passed through a coil of wire activates the solenoid. The problems can come back, even if the service technician claims it is operating within normal factory limits. It's best to visit a professional automotive repair shop that has experience in fixing Ford cars.

Ford's response to the problem was a surprise to consumers. The company had known about the transmission issue for some time and offered a solution. The car was recalled, and the company offered to cover previous repair costs. The automaker paid $11,000 to $22,000 for the faulty cars and also paid the owners' expenses. That was a good move for Ford as it saved its reputation and millions of customers.

Oftentimes the problem with the transmission can be caused by a malfunctioning solenoid. This is a plunger-like device that is used by the computer to change gears. The solenoid is activated by a charge through a wire. The problem can be caused by heat and vibration. The shorted wire can cause the car to suddenly leap forward. This will cause the car to shift in the wrong direction.

The problem with the transmission in a 2013 Ford Focus is not as common as it sounds. The transmission is a complex system. It controls the flow of transmission fluid, which is why it shifts more nervously at higher speeds. While it is important to replace the transmission, the repair will be time-consuming and cost-intensive. Luckily, there are a few solutions to this problem. If you are interested in repairing your 2013 Ford Focus's transmission, it is easy to do so.

2013 Ford Focus Transmission 6 Speed Automatic Replacement