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2015 Ford Focus Se Automatic Transmission Recall

2015 Ford Focus Se Automatic Transmission Recall

The automatic transmission on the 2015 Ford Focus Se is being recalled because of potential safety concerns. As a result, Ford is taking steps to recall all affected vehicles. In 2006, the company incurred a $30 billion loss due to faulty transmissions. The issue is not confined to the automaker's new model. This problem affects other models as well. In fact, all models affected by this recall are affected by the same recall.

In addition, the 2015 Ford Focus Se automatic transmission was under recall as well. The problem was linked to the faulty solenoid. A solenoid is a plunger-like device that is used by a computer to route the transmission fluid and change gears. An electrical charge is sent to the solenoid through a wire coil. A shorted wire may cause the automaker to experience a transmission problem.

This recall has caused many problems with the transmission in the 2015 Ford Focus Se. In a recent email from the CEO of Ford Motor Company, Richard Bonifas, the automaker acknowledged that it knew about the problem for some time. But after receiving a complaint, the company recalled the vehicle. Its owner reported that his elderly wife suffered severe heart bruising from a seat belt and thought that the air bag saved her life. After receiving the letter from a customer, Ford recalled the cars.

The Ford Focus's power train has been subject to a power train recall. The pinion gear shaft in the automatic transmission is prone to overheating. As a result, the car may be unable to shift from park to neutral. If this happens, the driver may lose control of the car or the transmission. Fortunately, the company acted quickly. Customers were notified and a recall was issued.

In August 2015, the Ford Focus automatic transmission recall was imposed because the vehicle's transmission could fail to engage while driving. This problem may also cause the car to stall or lose acceleration when driving at high speeds. According to the report, the problem was caused by a malfunction of the transmission's transmission control module. This can cause a loss of power and a lack of acceleration. The manufacturer fixed this problem by replacing the entire automatic transmission assembly.

In a separate power train recall, the Ford Focus's automatic transmission might fail to engage properly. The issue may also be caused by a failed solenoid. A solenoid is a plunger-like device that is used by the computer to change gears. A solenoid activates when a wire attached to the transmission is shorted, which can cause a problem with the automatic transmission.

2015 Ford Focus Se Automatic Transmission Recall