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350 Automatic Transmission

350 Automatic Transmission

If you are considering swapping your car's factory 350 automatic transmission with a new one, there are several factors you should consider. While GM vehicles usually use the 700R4 transmission, many people prefer the TH350. The TH350 is more affordable than a 700R4 but its limitations are many. If you want to have the most torque and power, you'll need a four-speed manual transmission. If you have a high-performance engine, you might want to consider replacing the gearbox with a five-speed manual instead.

The TH350 has a 5-sided aluminum case and 13 bolt holes on the rear. It is nearly square and has a vacuum modulator attached to the valve body on the right rear. This transmission is also available in two variants - the TH350C. Both have a four-wire plug connection on the left side of the case. It weighs about 125 pounds. You may also opt for a TH350C if you're planning to modify your vehicle's transmission.

The TH350 transmission is made of aluminum. It has a conically shaped oil pan and thirteen bolt holes. Its vacuum modulator is attached to the valve body on the right side. It is a compact, powerful, and versatile transmission. It was launched by General Motors in 1968 to replace the Powerglide transmission, a two-speed automatic transmission. The TH350 was used on Chevrolets and Buicks until 1984, when GM introduced all-wheel-drive vehicles.

While the TH350C is more compact than the TH350C, it can still be used with a 3 speed manual. The TH350C uses a 4-wire plug connection on the left side of the case. The TH350C has a shift indicator bezel, while the TH350C uses an electric kickdown solenoid. A TH350C transmission is approximately 125 pounds, but it weighs less than a hundred and twenty pounds.

In addition to TH350 transmissions, the TH350 is also compatible with a variety of GM vehicles. The TH350 is designed to fit a variety of GM models and will save you hours of labor. The CBC-350 will fit most GM models. It can also be used with a variety of non-GM vehicles. It is compatible with Lincoln, Buicks, and Edsel engines.

The TH350 can be used with a number of non-GM vehicles. TH350 adapters can be used on cars that do not use a GM transmission. Using a TH350 adapter on these vehicles can save you time and effort. Besides, these adapters are also available for older straight-cylinder engines. A TH350C is more expensive than a TH350, but it will also fit on non-GM models.

There are a variety of codes that will allow you to identify the type of transmission in your vehicle. Some are easy to spot, but others will require a little more work. If you have a TH350, you should look for the TH350 code. This code is located at the bottom of the transmission. This number indicates that the vehicle has a locking torque converter. This is the only code that will allow you to know whether your car has a turbo.

350 Automatic Transmission