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454 Automatic Transmission

454 Automatic Transmission

A four-speed manual transmission is an affordable option for a Chevy pickup. It comes with all the features of a four-speed automatic, including shift lock, power steering, and cruise control. The two-speed option is also inexpensive and works fine for most drivers. It limits acceleration to a stop and does a decent job of highway cruising. A three-speed manual transmission is another option for a mild 454 with a limited-slip differential.

GM upgraded the 4L60E transmission to total electronic control for the 1993 model year. The new technology made it possible to eliminate the spinning weights in the governor and TV cable. Instead, sensors measure input and output speeds, while an electronic transmission controller controls up-shifts and down-shifts. The resulting torque capacity was greater than the previous generation of automatics. In addition to its improved torque capacity, GM increased the amount of available torque for the 4L60E.

The four-speed automatic transmission is the standard transmission in most GM vehicles. In the early version, the cooler lines were located near the bellhousing. Later variants moved the return side cooler line to the rear of the transmission. The later version of the transmission had improved lubrication. In addition, many aftermarket companies offer stages of performance builds that boost the torque capacity of the transmission. This option is best suited for full-size sedans and early GM muscle cars.

The latest model of the 4L60 transmission from GM is the 4L80E. It features six forward gears and two overdrive ratios. This upgrade was a breakthrough in automatic transmission technology. It eliminated the bands and over-running clutches used in previous automatics. It also incorporated a computer in the oil pan, which made it easier to monitor the engine's speed and torque output. This means that a car with a four-speed manual transmission will get better mileage and more torque than one with a manual.

The 4L60E is a six-speed automatic transmission that comes with two overdrive ratios. Despite being heavier and larger than a 3 speed, the 6L80E was an important advancement in engineering. It was used in medium-duty trucks from 1991 until 2013 and could be fitted to early GM muscle cars and most '60s floor pans with minor modifications. Although it's still a popular option for GM vehicles, it is also available in other models.

The 4L60E had six forward gears and two overdrive ratios. The 6L60E transmission represented an important change in the design of an automatic. The gears were replaced by bands and over-running clutches, and a computer was installed inside the oil pan. In addition, the 4L60E had a number of significant improvements. The 6L60E was a significant improvement in engineering. The engine is now able to receive multiple directional commands and shifts with less effort.

454 Automatic Transmission