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Automatic Transmission Performance Upgrades

Automatic Transmission Performance Upgrades

You can increase the speed of your car with automatic transmission performance upgrades. There are several options for this. Although stronger transmissions are more expensive, they offer greater power and will stay with your AOD. You won't notice a difference in driveability, but you will be able to make better use of the car's performance potential. You can also go for a manual valve body if you prefer the feel of a manual.

A performance converter is the most important component in an automatic-equipped vehicle. A high-quality converter will have strength improvements compared to the stock piece. A high-performance converter will give your vehicle the ability to make the most of its power range. A higher-quality converter will increase the launch rpm of your engine, which will boost acceleration. The torque multiplier is an infinitely variable transmission that is a critical component of your car's engine. If you're planning on adding larger turbos or cams, your torque multiplier characteristics will have to be altered as well.

The performance converter is one of the most important components in an automatic-equipped vehicle. It allows your car to take full advantage of its power range, and it will also improve the torque of your engine. A performance converter will also increase the rpm of your vehicle's launch. While this is an obvious benefit, remember that it's not a substitute for an upgraded engine. An improved torque multiplier will ensure that your engine will be able to make the most out of every gear ratio, which will lead to better acceleration and better fuel efficiency.

In addition to an upgraded transmission, you should also upgrade your differential. A locking or limited slip differential will allow your car to get more traction than with a standard differential. A lockout differential restricts the wheels to the same speed. You should always consult a mechanic before upgrading your transmission. If your transmission isn't up to par, it could be a good time to consider an upgrade. You'll find that your car's acceleration will be noticeably faster than your vehicle's stock unit.

The best way to increase the performance of your automatic transmission is to replace the torque converter. It's the most crucial component in an automatic-equipped vehicle and requires a high-quality torque converter. This will increase your vehicle's launch rpm, and will be more responsive overall. Further, a performance conversion will increase the torque multiplier's rpm as compared to the factory piece. If your engine is not capable of making high RPMs, the next option to improve your automatic transmission is to install a lockout conversion.

If you have an automatic transmission, you need to consider an upgrade to the torque converter. This component is crucial to your car's performance. Changing it will not only increase rpm, but will also help your vehicle launch at higher rpms. A performance converter will increase your vehicle's top speed and boost its acceleration. You'll also be able to enjoy smoother gear changes. You'll be able to drive faster than ever, which is great for your car's engine.

Automatic Transmission Performance Upgrades