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Floor Shifter For Automatic Transmission

Floor Shifter For Automatic Transmission

To replace a floor shifter for an automatic transmission, follow these steps: Remove the steering wheel, insert needle nose pliers into the holes in the column, and insert the pins into the transmission. Afterward, grease the linkage and transmission parts with white grease. The positions of the floor shifter are the same as for a column-shifted vehicle. The top shifter position is "park" and the bottom shifter position is "reverse."

Changing from a column-shifted to a floor-shifted car can be as simple as moving a few levers. In eight hours, you can switch your shifter from a manual transmission to an automatic. Performing this conversion requires some mechanical experience, but should not take more than a few hours. Besides enhancing the user experience, floor-shifted cars can also look much more attractive than the cars that used column-shifted gears.

One of the advantages of a floor shifter for automatic transmission is its convenience. A manual column shifter is located on the steering column, typically on the right side. By contrast, a floor shifter is placed on the dashboard. A column shifter is a common option among drivers who are unfamiliar with the process of converting a manual car to an automatic. It takes less than eight hours and requires some mechanical experience.

The floor shifter for automatic transmission was first used in 1965 in the Ford Mustang. The original model of the car featured a floor shifter. This was associated with sportiness. As a result, many automakers made automatics and relegated the column shifters to the low-class. Some even opted for push-button-activated automatics. The floor-shifted car was the most prestigious model of that time.

Changing the shifter for an automatic transmission is easy. It is a relatively simple process. The floor shifter is located on the floor behind the steering column. You will need to remove the floor shifter from your car's steering wheel to make room for the new floor shifter. A conversion to an automatic transmission is not difficult and can take less than eight hours if you have some mechanical experience. The entire process can take a little longer than eight hours, but the results are worth it.

Changing from a column shifter to a floor shifter is not difficult. It only takes a few levers and can be done in less than eight hours. However, you should have some mechanical experience to perform this conversion properly. If you are a mechanically inclined person, you can consider hiring a mechanic to make the conversion. In this way, you can easily modify your automatic transmission. The process can be done in two to three hours.

Floor Shifter For Automatic Transmission