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Ford F700 Automatic Transmission

Ford F700 Automatic Transmission

The Ford F700 is a medium-duty pickup truck with an automatic transmission. This truck is gasoline-powered and was made from 1960 to 1969. Since then, it has been rebuilt several times. The FordPass App is available for download on select smartphone platforms. The FordPass App is free and requires no subscription fee. It can be used by Ford owners for 5 years or 60,000 miles. Its functions are similar to the FordPass.

The F-Series is a line of medium-duty trucks manufactured by Ford. It originated in the light-duty F-Series and is now in its eighth generation. The F-700 and the F-750 were initially slotted between light-duty Ford pickup trucks and conventional trucks, but were later positioned below the L-Series "Louisville" trucks. In recent years, the F-Series has been offered in both light-duty and heavy-duty trims.

The F-Series trucks began making the shift from the heavy-duty F-Series to the medium-duty F-750/700. These trucks have automatic transmissions and are built on a solid chassis. The F-750/800 moved from the heavy-duty F-Series into the medium-duty range. They feature the same bodywork as the light-duty F-Series, although they are built on a different platform. They are the largest truck that Ford has made since exiting the heavy-duty segment.

While the Ford F-Series was originally heavy-duty, it was later shifted into the medium-duty range. In 1987, the F-700/750 was moved from the heavy-duty F-Series. It sported new front and rear fascias. It replaced the Detroit Diesel V8 and the Caterpillar 3208. The inline-six diesel engines gained popularity and replaced the Detroit Diesel V8 and Caterpillar 3208. In 1991, the L-Series trucks were introduced, with Cummins' introduction of the straight-six.

Ford F-750 is a medium-duty pickup truck. Its engine ranges from light-duty to heavy-duty. The mid-duty F-700/750 were repositioned from the heavy-duty range to the medium-duty F-750. It shared the same bodywork and was badged "Diesel". Its latest generation has an automatic transmission. It has an eight-speed manual gearbox.

The F-Series was first produced in 1948, and the Ford F-750 was released in the same year. The truck shifted from heavy-duty to medium-duty in 1985. The name itself was changed to reflect the change from heavy-duty to medium-duty. The F-Series trucks were sold in Canada. The Ford F-700/750 had a six-cylinder turbocharged V8 engine.

Ford F700 Automatic Transmission