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Honda Cr V 2007 Automatic Transmission

Honda Cr V 2007 Automatic Transmission

The Honda CR-V has been known to have problems with its automatic transmission, especially in the previous model year. Some owners report the shifter not moving out of park and shuddering while moving through gears. A recent recall has highlighted the problem, resulting in NHTSA issuing a voluntary recall (Recall #13V143000). A slow brake-shift interlock blocking mechanism can increase the risk of a crash, so owners are encouraged to change their transmissions as soon as possible.

The Honda CR-V has a new five-speed automatic transmission that features Grade Logic Control, which uses the engine's broad torque curve to provide smooth shifting. Instead of a conventional throttle cable, the new gearbox utilizes fast-responding electronics to give drivers better response, fuel economy, and driveability. The automatic transmission is also equipped with a stability control system, which aids the driver in maintaining control of the car even when wheel slippage is detected. The system also detects understeer and oversteer and applies power to revert the car to its intended course.

Several other problems with the automatic transmission have resulted in the vehicle being recalled. The primary issue involves excessive corrosion of the shift cable linkage, which may result in difficulty getting the transmission into park. Other common complaints include a shaky transmission, which won't shift out of park and accelerating by itself. There's also a problem with the secondary shaft, which can break and cause misalignment of the gear shaft.

A new five-speed automatic transmission has been issued by the NHTSA. This new transmission improves the MPG rating and makes it more convenient to shift into park. The manual transmission has been recalled as a result of too much corrosion on the linkage. Some owners report the vehicle shudders and will not shift out of park. Another problem with the automatic transmission is the difficulty in shifting out of park.

Another recall involves excessive corrosion of the shift cable linkage. This can lead to difficulty in getting the vehicle into park and can also make it hard to shift into lower gears. Oftentimes the Honda CR-V will shudder or accelerate and shift out of park. The other major issue in the automatic transmission is a broken secondary shaft. This can result in the gear shaft being misaligned, causing the transmission to malfunction.

The Honda CR-V is available in five trim levels: LX FWD ($27,700), LX AWD ($29,700), EX-L Navi ($33,400), and EX-L Navi (35,700). All five-speed automatic transmissions have an active lock-up torque converter and are capable of maximizing acceleration and fuel economy. Consumer Reports also rates the engine's fuel efficiency at twenty-five mpg-US and 26 mpg highway.

Honda Cr V 2007 Automatic Transmission