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Performance Automatic C4 Transmission

Performance Automatic C4 Transmission

If you want a top-quality transmission for your car, the Performance Automatic C4 is a great option. It was a tough transmission when it first came out in 1965. It features an intermediate band made of the highest-grade friction materials, and it can shift on its own. The Street Smart Package includes everything listed above. You can also get a free core charge for a new or used Performance Automatic C4 transmission.

There are several benefits to a Performance Automatic C4 transmission. For one, it is made from the best cores available. You can also get it rebuilt if you're in the market for a new transmission. The C4 is an easy transmission to work on at home, and you can even upgrade it with new parts. It is a great choice for replacing a worn-out stock transmission. Its superior components make it a perfect replacement for a stock unit and comes with a great warranty.

The Pro Mod Package is a C4 transmission that can handle more than 1000 horsepower and is geared for racers. It comes with a 1-year warranty and a ''Pro Tree'' type transbrake. You can also purchase a Pro Street Transmission, which uses the same internal components as a Super Comp Transmission. It is a great choice for street cars with high horsepower and high-performance motors.

The Performance Automatic C4 Transmission features high-performance racing clutches and a hardened input shaft. It also features a pro pump and six-pinion power planetary gear. It is made from a lightweight, durable alloy, and is suitable for both high-power street vehicles and drivable sports cars. While the C4 is a popular choice for street drivers, there are many benefits. For starters, the performance automatic C4 is designed for racers and has a long service life.

The Performance Automatic C4 Transmission is a good choice for racers. It has high-performance racing clutches, a hardened input shaft, and a torque converter. The super Comp C4 Transmission is capable of handling up to 450 horsepower and comes with an excellent warranty. It is one of the best options for your performance car. It is an essential component of your car. With the power that it offers, the super streeter is a great option for racing.

The Performance Automatic C4 Transmission comes with a range of features and benefits. It is designed to handle engines with 450 horsepower. It is available in three different models: the PN15, and the PN15. The NP25. These are the same two types of transmissions. The Performance Automatic C4 is a great choice for any car that uses a lot of torque. In addition, the Performance Automatic C4 has a unique design.

Performance Automatic C4 Transmission