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Toyota Rav4 2001 Automatic Transmission

Toyota Rav4 2001 Automatic Transmission

The auto transmission in my Toyota RAV4 is shifting too hard and irregularly, and is causing me to lose power when entering reverse. I took the vehicle to my dealership, where they advised me to do a Power Flush, but the problem was still the same. I returned the car to the dealership the following day, and they said that the transmission was internal and I needed a new tranny, but I didn't want to spend that much money on an unnecessary repair.

I am not sure what to do next, because this transmission is not a cheap part. I've taken it to a mechanic and he recommended a rebuild. The mechanic was unsure of the cause of the problem, but the transmission was faulty and he recommended I take the vehicle in for a repair. I had to pay the repair shop $3,900, but the issue was fixed. After a month of driving around with a broken automatic transmission, I was still unable to change gears.

A faulty computer is one of the most common problems with an automatic transmission. My 2001 Toyota Rav4's transmission failed at a low speed, and it was very difficult to shift. My dealership diagnosed the issue and replaced the parts. This problem was caused by faulty information in the computer that fried the clutches in the transmission. The repair costs $3,900, and my car was back on the road in four days. The shifting was so hard that it was dangerous to drive and resulted in an accident.

My Toyota Rav4 is an excellent vehicle, and I hope this article has helped you. It's worth reading all the reviews on this car to see how reliable it is. The auto transmission is one of the most complex components in any car, and the Toyota RAV4 is no exception. If it's not functioning properly, you could get in an accident. If you don't want to risk a mishap, don't drive a Toyota RAV4 with a defective automatic transmission.

My Toyota Rav4's automatic transmission failed at a low speed, and I had to drive it to the local Aamco shop. The Aamco technician discovered a defect in the computer that fried the clutches in my transmission. My car's problem cost me $3,900 and caused me to lose power. Fortunately, Toyota's customer service was helpful, but they didn't want me to drive my car after the transmission malfunctioned.

I recently purchased a 2001 Toyota Rav4 with the same problem. The automaker has a voluntary recall on the transmission, which was installed at a lower mileage than previously. Unfortunately, the faulty shifting was not fixed and the car's owner had to purchase a new one. To avoid the hassle of buying a new car, you should consider an affordable auto loan from a reputable seller.

Toyota Rav4 2001 Automatic Transmission